Things To Consider, When It Comes To 13 Reasons Why.

You don’t have to agree, I just needed to say that despite all controversy; why I thought 13 reasons started important conversations.

To give you a bit of low down, this show follows a teenage girl through encounters in her life that unfortunately add up to her taking her life. But I’m not here to give you the synopsis.

It’s confronting, not doubt. No one wants to deal with that. When you sit down at the end of the day you don’t think “oh that look likes easy to watch” because it’s fucking not. We’re not use to something so hard hitting – but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have been aired.

Personally, I was able to watch the first 9 episodes by myself, but as soon as it intensified I always waited till my boyfriend was around to watch it with me.

(I’m going to put a side note right here; that if you are feeling suicidal, depressed, anxious that there are helplines (like beyond blue), and its important to look to those for guidance and understanding and not TV shows (no matter what show.))

The show has a rating of MA15+, because yes, it feels so freaking real.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t believe it is a wise idea to binge watch this show, as I stated it is not an easy show and needs time to be digested, and bingeing can lead to feeling overwhelmed.

But isn’t that the reality of it, that it is real? That people we surround ourselves with everyday suffer from anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide everyday, and we’re not even aware of it. That is not okay. Isn’t it about starting the conversation, so they can too? I think that’s important.

I’ve read a lot of articles about the show since it’s released, a lot of them like to blame the antagonist.

They say things like “but it’s her own fault for not seeking help.” But she did and they didn’t listen.

“It’s not fair for her to do that to the other kids, say they killed her, when she killed her, and Bryce (her rapist) killed her.”

I don’t know about you, but the main point I got from the show was how essential and important it is to take responsibility for your own actions. In fact, in each and every episode; this lesson was hinted at again and again until the last few episodes where a few of the characters actually gave in, and took responsibility for what they did. It’s pretty hard to miss. Yet here are so many articles BLAMING people, which, (I think) proves the opposite point to what 13 Reasons Why was trying to teach.

Again, in response to the phrase above. The second lesson I thought that came from this show was that no one ever has the right to tell any other person what or how they should be feeling. You don’t get to decide, how other people feel about what you do, and say. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and no one has any right to minimize them just because they don’t feel like it was really worth feeling that way. No, you don’t get to choose.

“Hannah is a brat, and way too over dramatic.”

Sure she is, totally agree. But she’s a teenage girl, who just moved towns, was abandoned by her best friend and is left in a town where she is classified as a slut and more for no apparent reason. Teenage years are hard enough, as it is, let alone with everyone else that went on. And you know what? It is a reality. Because there are teenagers out there dealing with bullying, and depression, and anxiety and I’m sure that sometimes they seem over dramatic too, to people who don’t know the full story. Because like I said, you never get to decide how someone else should feel, even if it’s too over dramatic for your taste.

Here’s the part where I change ships for a little bit. While I believe 13 reasons why is important, and teaches relevant lessons.

There are 3 scenes that I wouldn’t recommend watching, because like the rest of the show, they seem too real. These scenes are the two rape scenes that occur, in episode 10 & 12. And the suicide scene in episode 13, because while there are just as vial scenes on many other TV shows; a method of how to commit suicide should never be shown or explained, because you don’t know who is watching, or what they’re thinking. Period.

My last point, is one that really got to me.

13 Reasons Why glorifies suicide.” I don’t mind being wrong – but I don’t see how. In fact, the whole 13 episodes you know what I see? I see hurt. I see anger. I sweet heart break in all those who actually cared about Hannah. I see tortured souls looking for answers because they’re confused and hurt. Because that’s what suicide does; it doesn’t stop the pain, it passes it along to someone else. And they’re is nothing, to be glorified about that.

To finish, I think 13 reasons why taught some important lessons.

  1. How important it is to start the conversation, whether you are the concerned loved one, or you are wanting to reach out for help.

  2. No one has any right to tell anyone person how they should or shouldn’t be feeling.

  3. How important it is for everyone to act responsibly for their own actions (aka, don’t treat people like shit – no matter what you’re going through; you don’t know what they’re going through.

That’s all from me, you don’t have to agree. I just needed to say.

K x

18109749_1706703572689998_783334202_n.jpgIMPORTANT NOTEBeyond Blue is an Australian suicide and help hotline available at all times to all people. Never hesitate to call if you are a loved one are in danger and in need of support, or contact emergency services on 000. It’s always important (and encouraged) to ask for help.


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