How I Scored Two Ambulance Rides In One Night (A Continuation Of M.I.A)

To put it quite frankly, (although never having met Frank, myself) when I posted my M.I.A blog post about my health, and stated that there would be ‘more to come’ about this topic; I didn’t quite imagine this. 

You see, in my mind I had more of a picture of explaining what it was like to have POTS the first time, how I was forced to leave school because of it, to save my health, although never having ended up in hospital the first time around.

This time around, apparently things are a little different. Twice in the same month.

You know that saying; “third times the charm”? Let’s not say that about this, because I’m kinda planning on getting better and stronger, if my body will continue to cooperate with me, like it was… until 16 hours ago.

Having had an incredible two days, with energy and clarity of thought. I was able to somewhat function as a normal human being; which again to put it frankly… Felt. Bloody. Good.

These two days were so good in fact, that I went to sleep on the second day, thinking that when I woke up in the morning, I would be lucky enough to attend my university classes.

Boy oh boy, I could not have been more off the mark.

When I woke yesterday morning, it was safe to say that I knew I wasn’t in for another ‘good today’ and if I pushed myself, my body would reject the attempt and decline even further, as a consequence.

Therefore deciding that it was a good day instead, to stay in bed and binge watch Jane The Virgin (thanks Netflix) while my brother would occasionally interrupt me by showing me everything he’s brought home with him after his big move across several states. Finally, home with me where he belongs.

If you’re wondering about my brother, and what our friendship is like, check out my earlier post “8 things to look forward to you when your best friend moves home.”

It was going well. I was resting. I had the attention of one of my favourite people in the world, and I could feel my body thanking me for going easy on it. There is nothing like knowing you made the right decision.

Until not even that, is enough.

As I lay in the comfort of my own bed, I could feel my heart begin to ache. Slowly, and gently at first. I changed position several times in order to get comfortable; to no avail. I took some panadol to ease the pain.

Yet I could feel the ache grow. I then tried sitting up and laying back down several times in a desperate attempt to ease the pain that was rapidly rising.

I could feel my heart racing, faster and faster as the pain across my chest spread further and tighter.

I tried several times to stand only to be knocked back.

Eventually, I gave in. I called my parents and cried. Within 10 minutes, I was no longer alone in my room with this pain. No, I had my mum, dad, my mums receptionist (another mother figure in my life) and two paramedics standing next to me.

They placed cords all over my chest, a task I have become familiar over the past couple weeks.

It is to be noted, that as this point, my cat (who has a knack for looking after me when I’m sick, mainly just with cuddles) comes howling in. Sniffs around the paramedics, and everything that was attached to me, and deemed them trustable. Honestly, whom needs a guard dog when I have an “I got your back” cat.

With the pain settling, and no unusual results found by the paramedics I assumed that I would just be left alone with painkiller and sleep on my agenda. Oh boy, was I wrong again.

“You don’t mess around, when it comes to your heart.” My mum says as she walked behind me to the ambulance, while my dad held me up by holding me up on one side, and my brother, the other.

Keeping me stable, and strong when my head spins and body gives way every few seconds. I was then waved off by three of my favourite faces, and knew mum was following close behind.

 The ride felt long, but bearable since my pain had settled.

The paramedic sat next to me asking me lots of questions about my health, I was able to share with her the irony of the fact that only the day before I had posted about my last trip to the hospital, and how I was on my way to recovery, or at least I thought, and promised her she would feature in my next post.

I told her that I thought anyone who works for emergency services, deserves a round of applause at the end of their day. She laughed, “That would be nice.” 

Well, this is my round of applause for you Jill. Thank you for not only constantly checking on my while I was in your care, but also talking to me as a friend and making me laugh constantly. I am delighted to have met you.

Not long after, I departed from my new paramedic friend and was admitted in the emergency ward where the usual procedure began.

First, ECG’s which would stay attached to me till I was discharged. Next, oxygen check. Then, blood pressure check, and of course, what would a hospital trip be without a blood test, oh, and a cannula.

The next 8 hours consisted of the first three of the original checks cycling, over and over. Attempted naps, countless bored snap chats and painkiller filled in the time.


Till I got the news that tonight would not only be the night I would have my first ambulance ride, but also my second. It was time to be enroute to the next hospital (that had more beds). The paramedics for my second ambulance experience filled my trip with dad jokes, and attempts to teach me little fun things. I don’t mean to brag, but I now have my licence to use a medical thermomotor…

Alas, it was 10 o’clock at night and I had reached my final destination, for the next few days at least. I was / am very grateful for a private room to say the least. It was most definitely time to rest.

I was woken up several times over night for scheduled checks, as well as an ECG monitor attached to me again.

But the best part about waking up this morning is that my parents were already here to see me, sit and wait with me. Despite the fact they hare taken time away from their own business’s to be here with me, knowing they will have to make up for that lost time later.


Today I’ve had another blood test (which makes a total of 3 in the past 24 hours) as well as an Echogram to check my heart. Oh, and a chest X-ray last night. I think it’s safe to say I am in more then safe hands, and I have lots of people attempting to get to the bottom of it for me, and assisting with the pain along the way.

In reference to my last blog post, where I stated that sometimes when my immune system is down, everything that works automatically kind of stop working all on it’s own? Well it’s called Dysautonomia, and POTS (which I explained in my last blog) is a repercussion of it. So it is not unusual for these two to walk hand in hand.

Unfortunately, due to the Dysautonomia, my stomach is not currently cooperating at the moment, despite several types of medications that would usually do the trick. Therefore, more tests, which mean eventually more results.

 Alas, back to the chest pain. Due to POTS, my heart has been rapidly racing at a high speed for quite some time now. Unfortunately this mean that the sack surrounding my heart has become quite worn down from being so constantly beaten upon resulting in the severe chest pain. This infection is called pericarditis.

I don’t currently have all the answers to all of your questions, because I am still due for more tests, and in the process of waiting for more results. However, I have been started on medication for the Pericarditis, to help heal it, as well ease the pain. They are investigating my stomach, tomorrow I will know more after the endoscopy.

Now, I sit, and wait. (and pray for no more blood tests) & thank the heavens that I have so many beautiful family and friends who have sent kind words and constant check ins to see how I am.

 Again, totally and completely grateful to all the nurses, doctors, and paramedics who have used their time to make sure I am okay. I have nothing but respect for your profession.

“Although I walk through the valley of darkness, I shall fear no evil.”
Until next time,

Much love,



M.I.A // Why? (An Overdue Explanation)

As some of you may or may not have noticed, for the past month or so (disregarding this past week) I have been very much M.I.A, and no, not just from this blog, from everything.

Alas, the overdue explanation.

When I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago, I picked up a virus, which ultimately resulted in my health slowly decreasing in the following weeks. At first it started with me being too exhausted to get out of bed, even for uni. It started with this about once a week, so I was still part-time functioning at least, from there it went even quicker down hill, and I ended up here.



In hospital, 8 o clock on a Sunday night. I remember driving past my church as my mum drove me to the hospital, and wondering what they were praying for tonight.

Struggling to breath, to walk. I stumbled across the road with my mum holding my arm, to keep me up, heading toward the general hospital, where I was admitted instantly. My chest is in too much pain, and my heart won’t slow down. My mother, the doctors, the nurses, are trying to talk to me but I can’t hear them over the own sound of my heart beating. I just want to breath properly, please. It wasn’t long until I had all sorts of wires, machines, and needles attached and inside my body. They hurt, but I knew they were helping, and if they found the answer, this momentary discomfort would be more then justified.

Nor would I let some temporary pain, bring me down. So instead of crying away the pain laying in the hospital, I focused on smiling on every single person that walked past me. Which probably made me happier, then it did them, but let me tell you that it got me through the night. That, and the doctor, and nurses that were so kind, and gentle to me. I think anyone that works for emergency services, deserves a round of applause, at the end of every day.

Six smiles later, I stumbled upon my favourite smile walking in to the hospital room.. (curtain) I was in.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, although overly relieved to see my love right beside me.

“I had to make sure you were okay.”

“I look awful.”

“You look beautiful.”

You should note, that I did in fact, look awful. I mean, do hospital lights and wires look flattering on anyone? But his gesture, and words warmed my heart.

He sat for a while, and laughed with me. I won’t forget his face… Every time I laughed, I would watch his face go from a content smile to a concerned frown when the machine would start beeping next to me, as the pace of my heart would begin to race.

He would then look to me, and beg me to stop laughing.

But how could he sit right next to me, when my heart is so full of love for him, and expect my heart not to race when I’m looking at him?

He had to leave not long after, and I was told they wanted to keep me over night. Then, I cried.

They wheeled me off to the over night observation area, and I begged my mum to stay for a while longer, (not that she would leave me anyhow).

The nurse then butted in and said “You’re a little old to need your mum to stay, aren’t you?” I rebutted that a girl is never too old to need her mumma.

I slept on and off, between blood pressure and water checks, until about 1am when my mum asked if she could take home, and the nurse was satisfied that I was in a stable condition, so let us go home.

The next week was followed by several ’emergency’ tests, and appointments. I lost count to the amount of times I ended up with these all over my chest.


I must have scrubbed every shower to try and get the marks off, yet every few days a fresh batch would join the remains of the last.

Until the cardiologist appointment, meant finally the end of the ever lasting tape remains, and some answers.

Long story short, when my immune system goes down (which it did, in repercussion of the flu in NZ) my body sort of forgets how to function. My stomach, my blood pressure, everything that works automatically, suddenly has trouble, and I struggle.

Which unfortunetley, results in POTS, as well.

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

You see, my blood pressure is so incredibly low, yet when I stand up from laying down, it drops even lower, causing my heart to jump from a regular speed to an ‘I just ran a marathon’ pace. It picks up its pace so rapidly, because it is trying to pump blood back up to my brain, that is all quickly heading down to my legs, and feet, all because I stood. Which unfortunately, results in head-spins, and the one I’m trying to avoid – fainting again.

Walking, is no easier, not to mention exhausting. As you can imagine, everything I said above makes my body struggle to do pretty much anything other then lay down, where it is safe, in a constant place.

Walking up the stairs in my own home is my biggest mission, because each step means the quicker my heart will race, and the weaker I feel, the dizzier I become. I only ever use them when I need now, because the pain it causes my body is not worth it.

Showering, is some-what scary, therefor has since become a two person job. My mum will sit in the bathroom while I sit on the shower floor attempting to wash my body without fainting. Heat lowers blood pressure even more so, meaning the shower is a danger zone. (I’m a badass, I know) The scary part about showering, is not the showering itself, it’s the ‘attempting to stand back up’ after I’ve showered and attempting to convince my y body not to collapse, not here. This is where my mum steps in and holds me up till I am strong enough to walk myself back to my bedroom. Most days, this is my biggest task.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of blood reaching my head (Due to standing, blood falling, as I explained earlier) not only am I left with unbearable migraines, but at times, brain fog. The first few weeks out of hospital, I wasn’t able to do any uni work, how could I when I couldn’t think properly?  There was so many times when I would have to say to someone, trying to have a conversation with me “I’m sorry, I am listening, I just can’t respond to you right now.” Even small conversations, became exhausting.

To put it quite frankly, It is infuriating when not even your brain will respond.

These last few weeks have been a blur of, showers, struggles, Gossip Girl, and a whole lot of sleep. Even after the littlest tasks, my body would be exhausted and I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open. This is not an awful thing however, it is my body trying to heal itself, that’s what I’m trying to do, let my body heal.

Alas, I am left with salt tablets and electrolyte drinks, which together will help balance each other out to raise my blood pressure, (which are helping, especially with the brain fog. Which is why I can sit here, right now, and write to you.) I am left with tablets to help my stomach process and digest food. I am left with panadol for the aching in my chest, this is because the wall that my heart beats upon is pretty warn down at the moment from being so harshly, and often beaten on. So I’m trying to take it easy on my heart, on my body, and not cause anymore trouble.

Because hitting rock bottom hurt my body like hell, and I never want to do that again.


One of my best friends told me that quote, and I never forgot it.


The point of this post was not to create a sob story, or to lure sympathy for myself. The point of this was to for two reasons.

  1. If you don’t see me around, if you don’t hear from me, this is why. I am resting, attempting to get my body to function again, and while I can’t attend university at the moment, I’m trying my hardest to complete all my work at home, when my mind and body allow me. Lucky for me, I can feel my body slowly getting stronger, although somedays are worse then others. Like my boyfriends mother (and my friend) over at the Keep In Mind Project,  always tells me, “spend those coins wisely” and boy oh boy, am I trying too.
  2. This is not the first time I’ve had POTS. No, unfortunately I had it as a younger teen for two and a half years, resulting in having to withdraw from school at the beginning of grade 11. I am so passionate about sharing about POTS, what it is, how it effects a person, because it is so common, yet so many professionals and people are still so unaware of it. I had to live with this disease for two years before anyone could give me a solid answer, a real diagnosis. Unfortunately, for POTS, there is no cure. But I sure as hell am not going to stop trying to raise awareness for it, despite the lack of cure. Because attempting to live, at least knowing what is affecting your body is a sure as hell a lot better then having to explain to everyone that ‘my body is not really cooperating right now’ and no one really believing you.

One thing I will say however, is that the world is progressing. There is a lot more websites, and information about POTS then there was 3 years ago when I was diagnosed for the first time. Click here to take you to a website that it explains all about it, from the doctors and patients, and join the Standing Up For Pots motion on Facebook, or visit their website for more information, because I can’t tell you how good it felt, sitting in the hospital room, to hear the doctor say the name POTS, and to know exactly what it is, and for someone to believe me.

So share, raise awareness for this invisible illness, to save someone else the pain.

There will be more on this to come.

P.S. I am so grateful to all my friends and family for words of support, and love, in this time of need. I am forever grateful for that God gave me you.

P.P.S. If it wasn’t obvious in the text above, my mum is a rockstar.

Until next time,

Do something lovely.




8 Things To Look Forward To, When Your Best Friend Moves Home. 

My brother has been living in Melbourne, (which is several states away from me, for reference) for the past few years. He moved as soon as he graduated high school, at the tender age of 17. Now, at the pinnacle age of 21, he’s finally coming home. & I couldn’t be happier.

So I made a list of just a few reasons, I can’t wait to have him back by my side, and be up to mischief with him again. After all, a sibling is a life long friend.

 1. DATES. They go on dates with you. Whether it’s a “we both slept in way too late, let’s find a place that does all day breakfasts” kinda date. Or a “I’m taking you out to lunch and showing you how a man should treaty a lady” kinda date. Which my brother did a lot for me growing up. So now I’ve got great standards, and a great guy that meets them. In my books, these kinda dates are the greatest.

 2. SPENDING TIME TOGETHER. Whether it be picking on each other, stealing the tv remote, or going on crazy adventures with each other; at least you’re together. Don’t wait until your sibling is on the other side of the country to finally realize how much you love them and miss them. Focus on the good times first and always, even when they’re annoying as hell. 😇

 3. LATE NIGHTS. Out of our parents, other two siblings, and two sibling in laws, we both know that the sibling most likely going to be the only one still awake at this hour, willing to answer your call, is out of us two. Whether it be to plead a case to come pick you up, when you’ve had a drink and can’t drive home, or, you’re having too much fun out dancing so you need your sibling to make sure the side door is unlocked for whatever time you may get home, without waking up the parentals. They’ve always got you covered.


 4. LAZY MORNINGS. Ah yes, the lazy mornings which tend to arrive after the finale of the late night. These are some of my favorite memories. Whether it be, both waking up starving, and attempting to convince them to cook you breakfast, to no avail. Instead you both end up in the kitchen cooking some random combination of food to fill all your wants and cravings, while listening to your new Spotify play list and trying to avoid the “whipping each other with tea towels” game, because you’d loose, for sure.

 5. HONEY, SMILE. Not only will they go on any kinda adventures with you, they will also second as your personal photographer, AND be willing to pose in photos with you, if you ware them down enough… plus, who doesn’t love cheesy sibling photos?! I know I do! 🙋🏼

 6. THEY’VE GOT YOUR BACK. At all times, on all days, no matter how far away they may be, they’ve got your back. They will answer the late night “help me” phone calls, or the 5pm “I had a bad day at work” phone calls, or my favorite, “hey, I’m trying to convince mum and dad to….” kinda phone calls. They’re always there; even if they’re half a country away, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t trade my brother & best friend for the world.

  1. Being apart, sucks. and you both know it, which is why we need as many images with “I hate being apart from you” faces. You both understand the need for ‘quality’ photos. But soon, there will no need for them, because he’s coming home.

8. NO MORE WAITING. Never again do I have to wait 3-6 months for a desperately needed brother hug, from my best friend.

It’s for all these reasons, and so so many more that I can’t wait to have my brother home in a few days. I’m counting down the days.

Until next time,


P.s. Please don’t be offended other siblings, I’ll put it on my “to-do” list to write a blog post about how great you guys are too 😇


10 Tips For Being A Good Friend

Good friends are hard to find these days. But when you do search high and low for that quality person, you’ll want to hang onto that friendship. However, it goes both ways. A friendship can hardly flourish if it is just one sided.

So, I sat down with my lovely life-long friend Elly-Grace, at Dancing in Violent Fields and discussed what it means to be a good friend.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


  1. TAKE THE TIME: Taking the time to listen to each other’s Spotify playlists, knowing full well their blood and sweat went into creating their own little slice of heaven.


  1. VISIT THEM: When they’re sick, and provide any sort of comfort food. They will remember this next time you’re sick.


  1. BE NATURAL: Be raw with them. Make sure you give your friends the privilege of knowing the real you at all times, even if it drags a whole range of emotions with it.


  1. BE HONEST: Call them on their shit. It’s 100% okay that if you feel they are making a crazy life decision to pull them up on it. However, when they’re being over emotional, let them cry and rant to you as well. Sometimes you might not have the wisdom to give to them but they will find it comforting just knowing that you are listening.


  1. ANSWER CALLS: Answer their Skype calls or phone calls when their overseas and need your help ASAP and be willing to spend hours on the phone with them talking about every situation with them, and wishing you were together again. We get it, everyone has busy schedules so if you can’t answer their calls then just send them a message saying you’re thinking of them. It’s simple.



  1. SUPPORT THEM: Celebrate with them. They’re victory is your victory. Seeing them happy makes you happy. So make sure you show it.


  1. SHARE: What’s mine is yours. Be so comfortable around them that there is no boundaries and what you can and can’t borrow and share…just not boyfriends.

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  1. LOVE THE FAM: Treat their family like you’d treat your own. Ask about them, because almost instinctively you already care about them.


  1. DON’T BE OVERPROTECTIVE: And don’t be overly clingy. Be happy in who you are, and your confidence that the friendship makes you both shine – not one of you hiding behind the other.


  1. ESCAPE WITH THEM: They will escape with you when you feel the need to get away. Even if it’s just to pick you up for an ice-cream or a long road trip. They will be there.



Let us know your thoughts!


Until next time,


K x


ABOUT DANCING IN VIOLENT FIELDS Dancing In Violent Fields is a lifestyle and travel blog for souls seeking inspiration. Elly-Grace is usually daydreaming about a Greek Summer so she writes as a means of escape. She often struggles between the need for travel money and the battle of wanting to spend money on coffee dates

Elly Graces;





Image Credit; Shelby Campell

What’s next for this record holder?

Recently returning from his worldwide trip, Lachlan Smart (18) has set the world record for being the youngest person to fly around the world solo.

DSC_0242-2.jpgSmart states that is his main motivation for achieving this goal was to be able to send a message to young people about setting and accomplishing their own goals.

“I’ve seen my peers throughout school and the Australian Air Force Cadets have these amazing dreams and ambitions but sometimes we miss motivation and self-belief, so I wanted to hopefully motivate and inspire young people to go for their dreams, no matter how crazy they might seem” says Smart.

Smart has been planning this trip for the past two and a half years, and has had many people ask him for advice along the way about achieving ones dreams.

“If I could give one piece of advice to anyone young or old about setting and achieving goals, it would be, don’t be afraid of the crazy dreams you might have. We all have ambitions that we want to strive for, and more often then not, we will say “Oh I’ll do it when I’m older, I’ll do it one day, or I can’t do it, it’s too hard.” When in reality we can do it, there are so many things we can achieve, we just have to reach out and grab the opportunities around us.

Other then flying, Smart is really passionate about being outdoors and enjoying the world around us. Even more so then that, he’s determined about making a difference.

“I spend a bit of time really trying to motivate others, whether that by conducting talks or going down to different youth development organizations and having a chat with them. I am fulfilled by the opportunity to motivate others,” says Smart, when asked about his passions in life.

DSC_0224.jpgAlthough, the trip has come to a finish, Smart now holds the world record in his hand, he still refuses to let this passion and reasoning behind this trip to fade into a memory.

“Now having finished the trip, it’s time for me to move on; but I don’t think it’s good enough that the message about people setting and achieving goals ends on the 27th August 2016, when I landed at the Sunshine Coast Airport. There is more to come from this man and his future plans.

Smart is now investing himself into his company called, Young Achievers International, he plans to take the message about setting and achieving goals to the next step, in a practical sense. Smart also intends to attend university next year and conduct a degree in business, as well as pursuing his flying career.

With Lachlan Smarts future plans well underway, who knows what else this eighteen-year-old still has yet to achieve. Watch this space.


Does Lachlans story inspire you to follow your own dreams?

Until next time, K x


A loss or a gain?

In the theme of keeping your life in balance, in order and in harmony. 
Something to be remembered is to surround yourself with people who love you as much as you love them, and people who are willing to try as much as you do for them. 

A lesson most teenagers learn, as they get to their quickly approaching “20’s” is that not everyone stays. All your best friends in high school cliques, and work friends kind of slowly fade into the past once you’re graduated and you’ve moved jobs.

And that’s not always a bad thing. 

Sometimes it’s hard to distance yourself from people when you’re lonely, or you enjoy your companionship and you choose to ignore that something just doesn’t feel right in your gut. Or the way they talk to you doesn’t really feel nice. 

You don’t have to make excuses for them to act that way, and you don’t have to make excuses for you to stay. 
And sometimes, that’s not always the case, sometimes people just grow apart for no bad reason, other then with growing up means new morals and responsibilities and sometimes yours won’t exactly line up with your ex besties anymore, and that’s okay too.

The point of this all is to tell you that it is okay to let go, of old friendships, old flames, new friends who don’t make an effort, friends who make you feel bad about yourself, and people who are simply not adding anything to your life; instead rather just wasting your time. 

You don’t have to stay in that; you always have a right to choose who you form friendships with and surround your self with.
Remember; instead of crossing oceans for people who won’t cross a puddle for you. Try crossing the world for people who would cross planets for you. They’re the ones worth fighting for. 

You know who they are, so make sure that you do fight for them; because those are the diamonds among coals you don’t want to loose.
As for me, I’m not one for a big crowd; but the few I surround myself with always make me feel on top of the world; and I hope I do the same for them. 

Until next time, 
K x

An awkward ensemble 

My bed side table is covered by water bottles and pain killers.

My bed is my best friend.

My back shaded with beige and white patches;  disposable awkward tan lines that more often then not attach themselves to my shirts and underwear.

The hunch of my back slightly elevated by a heat pack that is suppose to ease the pain; well that combined with the tablets, patches, and taping.

Sitting. Uncomfortable.

Standing. Unbearable.

Walking. Unfortunately slow.

I’m not doing my best; but I’m trying.

A good place to start would be to tell you that I don’t have a cool or even somewhat interesting story to tell you.

Other then, I screw up.

I didn’t slow down when my body begged me too, and I paid no attention to the pain in my body until it demanded to be felt.

I think I’ve heard (or starred) in this story before.

Between moving furniture, lifting kids, not resting; ignoring my body combined with leaving it somewhat to long I managed to sprain the ligaments, joints, and muscles in my lower back.
I think the perfect emoji to describe this feeling would be the upside down smiley face. 🙃

Because it looks like I’m happy but I’m pretty pissed off with myself.

Because I’ve learnt this lesson before.

I’ve stared in this movie; and been handed all the consequences before that decided to out  stay their welcome.

Yet here we are again, same moral, different story.

To be fair; I was mad with myself.

Because I don’t have a lot of spare time as it is,

So all the spare time I did have, I used to cancel plans and lay in bed.

Uni, is a struggle because driving, walking and hours of sitting is not very bearable to say the least but I’m always going to try.

And just when I thought I was getting the hang of it all; and getting better at it, my body will promptly remind me that I’m not invincible, and I too, have to rest.

My body decided to remind me the other night, after a doctors visit in the morning, several hours of uni in the afternoon, and by the evening (when a planned date night was scheduled) my body decided it was done for the day.

My boyfriend & I arrived at a restaurant, and as we sat down I felt as if our seats were miles apart because I couldn’t learn forward to hear him, or admire him. No, instead I was glued to the back of an uncomfortable chair on an awkward angle, and my back & hips ached.

We sat there for approximately 60 seconds before Caleb looked me straight in the eyes and said. “Come on, let’s go.” (Here is a good point to tell you that sometimes he knows me better then I know myself).

I went to rebut, but before I got the chance he renforced his point and said “I’m going to sit her for 30 minutes and watch you be in pain, please.”

Somewhat, relived, I agreed, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to handle any longer of well, even functioning that day.


Although relived, I still cried the whole way home for ‘runining’ the date night, and because I was in so much pain.

“I’m so mad at myself!” I exclaimed.

“Woah, no no no, I’m not going to let you be mad at yourself, please don’t do that.”

“But I can’t believe I did this to myself, hurt myself so badly and I don’t even know how. And I’ve been looking forward to this date all day and I over did it. I did too much today and I ruined it.”

“You didn’t ruin anything, you did what you needed to do today and now you need to listen to your body, and you need to rest. Okay? Besides, at home movie dates are my favorite.”

“Mine too.” (I stopped crying here).

Sometimes, it’s pretty easy to be mad at yourself. It’s pretty easy to over-do and out-do yourself, and sown times it’s easy to forget to look after yourself.

So if this message sounds all too familiar, and you’re looking for a sign to slow down, then this is it.

As cliche as it is, learn the lesson before you hurt yourself. I can guarantee you that it is not fun.


After all, our bodies are our homes, we’ve got to do our best not to burn them down. Alright?


Until next time,


(Hopefully I’ll be out and about by then, but still taking it slow.)

Message me your thoughts, and stories on when you’ve had to learn this lesson for yourself.